Black patent flats - Lanvin or Tory Burch?

  1. Ok for fall I'm thinking either the Lanvin black patent flats or the Tory Burch ones with a silver logo. I think the TBs would be more sturdy and more wearable for work - we're business casual. But the Lanvin ones are really nice too, I'm just a little worried that the soles would be thin - also do the patent leather ones run true to size?

  2. If price is not an issue, then I'd say hands-down LANVIN. I have worn both and the Lanvin ones are more comfortable for me. Somehow I just feel that the Tory Burch Reva's will go out of style pretty soon, whereas the Lanvin ones (w/o any logo whatsoever) are truly timeless. Personally I prefer the regular leather (as opposed to patent) Lanvin's though. Sizing-wise, in my experience Lanvin flats do run true to size.

    Oh, as for the outer sole issue, I'd recommend getting the Lanvin's zip-soled before wearing them -- that's what all the stores/SA's recommend and it really prolongs the lifespan of those flats.
  3. ^^^
    Thanks for the input. I was thinking patent leather because I'm such a simple dresser - I thought it would spice things up.
  4. definitely lanvin b/c i think the tory burch ones are sort of trendy and seasonal. the lanvin ones are classic and will never go out of style. if you're spending that much money... it should last.
  5. Lanvin for sure. TB Reva's are going to be out in very short time.
  6. Lanvin, for the reasons above. I like TBs, but everyone has them and they will probably look dated in a year. Sammydoll and I both have the Dior western ballerinas - have you thought about those? I really love mine
  7. Hey, I've heard tell tale that the Tory Burch ones are uncomfortable.

    I've also heard a lot of bad things about Lanvin soles.

    I just got the Dior vertigo black patent flats, which are on sale, and they're super comfortable.
  8. Yes, yes! Consider the Western Ballerina! Most comforable flats ever, and noticable to the designer, but not in your face. love them!

    here's a link if you're interested-
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  10. The Tory ones are too trendy IMO. As soon as I see them, I think Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and all those LA teen queens.

    The Lanvin ones are elegant, ageless, and more comfortable. They are an investment. They will not go out of style, unlike the TB which I think are already passe.
  11. How do Dior shoes hold up? I have to say that my TB flats don't look so great considering the number of times I've worn them - they're just alot less then the Lanvins and I can still wear them to work. I'll probably get the Lanvin flats - I have some look alikes but they're super uncomfortable and regular, not patent leather.
  12. The Dior flats have held up emmaculately! One of my favourite things about them (other than the super soft leather) is the fact that NOTHING seems to stick to the sole! It's rubber meterial, and if you turned the flat upside down i swear you'd never know it was worn. They just don't seem to get dirty, like, at all. And i have them in the off-white.
  13. I have some TB flats on the way and I got them b/c they were cute, plus they were significantly less than the Lanvins.
    I guess the TBs are trendy now; but then again, I've been wearing patent and wedge heels long before they became trendy and will wear them long after so trendiness isn't a factor for me.
    The Diors also seem like a viable option. Have you tried those yet?
  14. About those Dior flats - I wear mine every weekend tromping around NY and they still look GREAT. I have a problem normally with super flat flats getting scuffed on the front (must be the way I walk), but I don't have this problem at all with my Diors. And they actually feel more cushioned than most of my other flats
  15. Dior flats usually have strong rubber soles. I have two pair that I rotate. The leather ones need to be cleaned/polished every now and then, but they look as good as the day I bought them.