Black Patent Fendi or regular back fendi spy bag??

  1. any1 have both black regular leather and patent leather spy bag??? i couldn't find the regular leather one on either or I figured maybe the patent one is not bad...what u guys think? do u think the color will fade easily? is it too flasy?? thx
    [​IMG] Patent one
  2. Jomashop has it in black for only $1400. I know a member has the patent (can't remember who for the life of me, name started with k perhaps?) and she loves it.

    I vote for the regular nappa.
  3. I like both, I would go for the regular spy if you don't have one yet. If you do have one already, then the patent one would be a great addition to your collection.
  4. I would also vote for the regular leather bag first
  5. I would vote for the regular nappa first as well. However the patent is actually quite nice. I didn't think it would be until I saw it in real life. I wouldn't mind having a black patent.
  6. I would go for the nappa leather. Leather is classic, timeless, and never goes out of style. The patent leather is gorgeous as well, but patent's the in-thing right now. (Can you see yourself toting around the patent Spy season after season?) And remember, never settle when it comes to an investment-piece... buy the one you really want. (Trust me, I was debating for the longest time which Spy to get--the chocolate brown nappa Zucca, or the gold metallic Zucca. The metallic one is gorgeous in person, but the chocolate brown is just as delicious!) And I absolutely love my chocolate brown nappa spy!
  7. I agree with the others pf members....get the nappa leather first...
  8. Definitely go for Nappa first
  9. Black patent.

    If you put the patent and the leather next to each other. The patent will eat the leather "alive".
  10. I agree with BTBF...go for the PATENT!!!
    It looks so divine in patent & you'll be more unique having it in patent :smile: Plus cleaning & maintenance will be a snap with patent doncha think??
  11. I'd go for the patent. I just love patent leather! :smile:
  12. black nappa vote here
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  14. go for the black nappa! i might be a bit bias because i have on myself but i think it is just more classic and timeless than the patent - although i must admit the patent is gorgeous!
  15. Nappa, nappa, nappa! It is timeless whereas the patent may be a bit too much after a while. The patent reminds me of a little sexy black biker jacket. Good to have in your wardrobe, but not necessarily 'in' every season.

    London Bag Lady x