black patent elise

  1. black patent elise owners

    how do you like this bag? do you think the black is too shiny? and when do you carry it around?? i really like it but am weighing it against the black stam! :love:

  2. Jacquelinez, I love it & would recommend it!!!
    MJ does a wonderful job with both patent and quilted leather. I definitely don't think it's too shiny. For this particular style, I prefer patent/quilted leather over plain/regular leather (too matte & flat for me), it really dresses up outfits (can be worn with casual outfits too).

    As for Elise vs Stam, Elise is lighter (a lot) and smaller in terms of size. Elise might be a better choice if you would like to carry it more often. I love them both.
  3. bag.lover - do you have one as well? i would love to see a pic of you carrying it if you dou...i want it so badly but havent seen it in real life...looks gorgeous in pics on NM tho.......:P
  4. I have it in Black, it's very classy & elegant! =) A lot of us here have this bag, would someone please post pictures? I don't have a camera now, will find some pictures later for you.

    It's gorgeous! I would love to have it in multiple colors.
  5. bag.lover (and others :P) - do you know if NM and Bergdorf are the only ones that carry the patent elise? i tried bloomies and Nordstrom and dont think that they have it!

  6. Jacquelinez, Patent/Quilted Elise is not available at Nordstrom (only got the regular leather Elise), I'm not sure about Bloomies. It's sold at MJ stores (completely sold out at LA location), Eluxury, NAP, NM/BG, ..
  7. bag.lover! just purchased my black elise on bergdorf and got next day shipping ($39 for that!!! :rant: ) haha i guess thats what being impatient costs!!

    will post pics as soon as it arrives! thanks so much for your help :love: cant wait!!
  8. Jacquelinez, congrats!!!!
    There's usually promotion code for free S&H for NM, but I don't remember seeing any for BG. Can't wait to see yours, hope you will love it too. =)

  9. Jacquelinez, did you receive the package yet?
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts/reactions on this bag. =)

  10. bag.lover~ i have yet to receive my elise bc BG didnt manage to ship it out on time.....:sad:

    thus i probably wont get it until end june since im travelling :smile: hopefully when i get bak it will be sitting there nicely waiting for me!

    thanks for ur help tho... u think the elise on elux was a return?
  11. How disappointing! Go with other on-line retailers, Black Elise's still available at eluxury & NeimanMarcus (free S&H code SUMMER). The chance of Black Elise being a heavily-used & returned bag is less likely than certain discontinued Stam (from previous seasons) and Blush Elise (sold out at those sites). Give it a try. =)