Black Patent Easy *loads of pics*

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  1. Fabulous patent bag!!
    Did you happen to see any other colors it comes in??
  2. She is GORGEOUS!
  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! I thought I wanted it when I saw the ads but now I know I'm getting one!! Thanks for posting great pics!
  4. Stunning. Absolutely beautiful!

    Me want. :drool:
  5. So far, I've only seen it in black patent.
  6. There are only 2 sizes for the Easy bag right? If so, this is the large one. I'll post measurements and more modelling pics (out of my bathrobe this time :P) this evening.
  7. Thanks for all the kind words and compliment everyone!
  8. Lovely bag! Wear it in good health :smile:
  9. so cute!
  10. I've been keeping an eye out for the black patent to come up on and I finally saw it today! So I went ahead and pre-ordered it. Hopefully, it'll arrive before their estimated 4/30/09 delivery date!
  11. Stunning - patent really glams it up!
  12. Congrats. :yes: I'm sure you'll have it well before then, probably late February/early March, as per this post in our thread about new spring bags:
  13. Oh wow, it's gorgeous. Congratulations! I love it! So chic.
  14. I'm not normally a fan of patent bags, but I love the Easy in patent! Very chic! Enjoy it!
  15. Yay!! Congrats on your first YSL!!! I am so inlove with this style, I can't wait to get one myself! Did you get this one on sale?