black patent decolletes


    i have been looking for a pair for months without success:s:s

    i'm in the uk, in the arse of nowhere, miles from a mouboutin store.

    Harvey nics never have them in and my size seems quite rare (41).

    can ANYONE help me??? pleeeeeasssssse!!!!!!
  2. Try eBay after the 25th (eBay strike--no buying or selling).

    Are you a true 41 or a decollete 41; these run quite small.

  3. a decollete 41.

    i rang the louboutin store in london and a lady there advised me on sizing. This is driving me nuts!!!!!!

    I rang pam jenkins this morning and they don't have any and it will be 2-3 months before they get any.

    i just can't find these anywhere!! Been searching ebay and never find any on there either. Actually i found one pair a few nights ago but they were in the states and she wouldn't ship to england:sweatdrop:
    also, i worry about fakes on ebay
  4. Call th CL boutiques in Paris they might have them and they do ship.:yes:

  5. you are a genius!!!!! i rang the london one and they ship!!!!!!! only problem now is sizing as they only do exchange not refund if they're not right.

    i'm normally a uk 7 but i'm confused as to wether i need a 40 and a half or a 41?????
  6. I think you'd be good with a 40 ... isn't UK 7 a US9?

    I'm totally guessing here ...
  7. yes, i think a uk 7 is a us 9. i'm just getting told conflicting sizing options. i've been told they run true to size by cl in harvey nics, that i might have to size up half, by cl london.
  8. I've found they run 1/2 to a full size small. For instance, I usually take a 39 in CLs (8.5 in Nine West, Gucci, etc.), so my "CL" size is a 39/39.5--usually half a size up from my TTS. Decolletes, because of the small toe box can run small (esp depending on the width of your foot). I have the turtle patent in a 40, for example, but I take the black patent in a 39.5.


  9. thanks for the reply, i'm just as confused as before because this is my first pair of designer shoes and i don't really know what my euro size is.

    for example, i'm a uk 7. but i'm sat here in a pair of shoes from next and they state 41 as a 7. they are really too big and i've had to put heel thingys in them. and they still slip off somethimes.

    i've compared the insole measurements of these shoes with some insole louboutin measurements on ebay and my shoes are bigger.

    i think i may order the 40 (it's in stock) and then i can always exchange for a half size up when they get them instock. Also, patent can stretch quite a bit with wear i think.

    gggrrrrrrrrr, what do you think?
  10. patent does not tend to stretch but i think the 40 would be perfect for you since you are a US9. i have the suede decolletes in a size US 8 and i am normally a size US 7 in other shoes. i think youll be fine:tup:
  11. I think you should just give it a try, you know which shoes you want but are not shure about the size so you can in case they don't fit always return and size up.