black patent classic with silver. right decision?

  1. This is my first thread in chanel. Hi, everyone.:smile:
    I don't have any black bag in my closet. someone said I was the only one she knows who didn't have black bag. I was about to buy white caviar or white patent classic few days ago but my mom insisted that buy black classic first then next time buy another color. I went to Saks and Chanel boutique at 57th street but they don't have it. So I gave up to find and went to BG for shoes and unexpectedly, saw black patent there. wow... unexpected. between black patent and white caviar, I was so... you know...:confused1:
    but now in my hand, I have black patent. I'm not sure this is right choice but I know I won't regret having this one. It's not fascinating but um... very useful??? ^^;;; and in some way, it's cute. Please, say to me that I made a good decision!!
  2. It's gorgeous but if you don't love it, return it. Post pics though :yes:.
  3. Welcome Kay!:welcome:

    I have several Chanel bags, but I knew I needed to get a Timeless Classic Flap, my S/A tried to get me to purchase a black one, but I told him I purchased 3 black Chanel bags last year. I went with a Jumbo in white caviar. I wanted the patent, but knew the caviar is the real classic and that WAS my point to add a classic to my collection.
    I know your black patent is a beauty!! I have a black patent clutch and LOVE it. Congrats on your new purchase and like Stephanie said if you have doubts return it.
  4. I think you made the right decision. Black patent flap with silver hardware is absolutely stunning, I'm still trying to find one for myself. Like other members said, return it for the white flap if you aren't in love with it.
  5. here's my large black patent with silverhardware.
    now, I love it~!!! but still want white caviar. :love:
    Thanks, all of you gals~
  6. Such a gorgeous bag! But if you aren't in love with it, I'd exchange it.
  7. its so pretty!!!! i love it, but you have to also otherwise get the white.
  8. :smile: thanks. Keep this one and get white caviar sooner or later!
  9. It's TDF! Definately a keeper IMO.
  10. Keep it and add white to your collection later on. It is gorgeous!
  11. I love the patent classic flap w/silver. Gorgeous bag. Congrats.
  12. I think you made a great decision. I would love to have a patent classic flap.
  13. I love that bag!!
    Great choice.
  14. Gorgeous!!! I love the black patent with silver HW. You made a great decision!

    I’m just going to drool over your bag the next minute or so, k? :drool:
  15. So glad you love it! It's so gorgeous...