Black patent classic flap price?

  1. Can anyone confirm that patent leather was NOT increased on Nov 1st? I'm reading posts that say only lambskin and caviar were raised. I've got the Secret Label bag coming to me tomorrow but I may exchange it for the original classic if I can find it in patent (hubby likes shiny leather, lol) and under 2k. I should have bought myself a bag pre increase but didn't think I would get back on a Chanel kick so soon!
  2. I got my black patent jumbo after November 1st for $1,970 from Chanel Ala Moana. Hawaii hadn't updated their system for the patent flaps from the original summer increase that hiked the price up. :yes: I believe that after I bought mine they corrected the mistake in the system. If you wanted to give them a call to see if perhaps they are still offering that price, their number is 942-5555 (ask for Judy Chin). Other than that, the patent classic jumbo is now something like $2,350 across the US.

    The patent classic flaps were NOT increased by the November 1st increase, because if so they would be priced around $2,650 (price of the caviar classic jumbo). Prior to the Nov 1 increase, patent jumbo classic flaps were, and still are, $2,350. Caviar jumbo classic flaps were $2,250. :yes:
  3. great, thanks for the response and information . so my goal is to track down a black patent medium flap if i don't like the Secret Label bag. do you happen to know what the price is for the medium? i love the size and look of the medium, not sure if jumbo is too big for my body frame.

    getting a jumbo for 2350 isn't bad at all considering they are up to 2650 for the caviar as you said.

    choices, choices!
  4. the medium is 2395.00 caviar and 100.00 more for the lambskin..