Black Patent Bowler?

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  1. I need your help ladies:sos:... I've never been fond of the bowler style but saw a black patent IRL and fell in love. I've been doing a search here for pics and it doesnt seem like very many have them. What are your thoughts on the patent bowler? Is it a hard-to-find bag? Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. ooh I just saw a patent gold bowler at Saks BH today. I'm not a big fan of patent leather but in the right shade it can look awesome. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. never seen it, but chances are it's adorable...(i really really love patent leather though) :smile:
  4. As you can see from my avatar I purchased the bag in April and love it very much. If you call the Chanel store on 57th there might be some left.
  5. You mean they have a black one available? I just purchased the Gold Patent one today (they also had the blue one in store), they are soooooooo hard to get, cos I've asked so many times when in Chanel and they either don't have it, or it just came in and got snapped up. I attach a pic of the gold one, i just LOVE it.

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  6. I have the blue one, but it was hard to get. I waitlisted months ago. I did see the black and white in store, though, so maybe they're easier to find? I love the patent bowlers! They're so hip!
  7. The black one is GORGEOUS! :drool: I love the chanel's crackled patent, especially in black. I have the jumbo in black crackled patent and just got the large patent luxe tote in black. They had some bowlers at SCP a week ago, but I don't know if they're still available.
  8. Thanks for all your great advice ladies!:heart:I want a black patent bag so bad - so I went ahead and got the bowler. :yahoo:
    Clk, the tote was gorgeous:love: too but am toted-out:P. Your jumbo must be beautiful! I doubt though if i'd be able to get my hands on one now. That would have been my perfect choice!

    The blue and gold patents are pretty too. Saw them IRL and man I went crazy!
  9. ^^ :yahoo: :heart: Congrats! Please post pics when she arrives! My SA said the jumbo is coming back next spring but will be 2900.00:wtf:
  10. :wtf:is right... the price increases are driving me crazeeeee. I guess they figure it doesnt seem to stop Chanel fools like us:P. I'll post pics of the bowler when I get her. Cant wait!
  11. Can someone please please tell me if the blue patent is as rich as the black IRL? I love blue, but the black patent looks so rich in photos; it has so much depth and exudes class. However, I need another black bag like a hole in the head. Since nothing in the new fall collections interest me, I'm considering purchasing the patent Luxe tote in either blue or black as a last hurrah until next year!
  12. I can't wait for pics!
  13. Here is the picture of my recent Patent purchase...

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  14. looks beatuiful!! if you could model the patent it would be lovely I want to seeh ow it owuld loko on!

  15. Gorgeous!:drool: Congrats! :yahoo:Have you used her yet? I have been using my patent tote every day since I bought her. :P