Black patent Betty?

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  1. Yeah, I know it sounds vile, but when I saw this bag in person, I literally droooled over it. It is so utterly beautiful that there is no other colour way I would have the Betty in apart from the black patent (medium). :heart:

    I am currently waitlisted for it and it should be arriving at the end of June. What are your thoughts on black patent for a betty? Has anyone else seen one, and if so, what do you think?

    I'm also interested in anyones opinions as to wether or not the black patent will date sooner than the tan or cream Betty?

    Thanks in advance guys for any input you have! :flowers:
  2. I don't like the idea of black patent to be honest... I'd be too afraid it would crack.
  3. :shocked: I never thought of that!
  4. I think the black patent betty is marvelous too, but patent tends to scratch easily and show wear a lot quicker than some of the leathers do.

    As far as the Betty, she keeps growing on me... so I don't know about dating... It's such a typical shape that I think it'll be hard for it to date.
  5. ^ I agree. I really did not care for the Betty when I first saw her. Thought she was quite *whispers* plain.......nothing special........

    THEN i saw her in real life and it was pure love! I want, no, NEED a black patent betty. I think she would be a bit more rockier and original than her matt coloured counterparts.......:graucho:
  6. I agree with the patent betty looking more rock 'n' roll!! Judging by pictures I've seen online (despite pictures being nothing compared to the real thing) she looks SO beautiful and really eye-catching. Everyone has soft buttery leathers this season so I think the patent leather would give the betty bag a real kick.

    Patent would look especially great in winter, as well.
  7. I have a betty and simply adore her. I know it is not to everyone's taste and frankly I wasn't so taken with her until I saw her IRL like you Chloe*Starlet and suddenly I was head over heels. I am quite sure I saw the patent in either NM or Saks Las Vegas (3 weeks ago), - it was pretty but the tan (Spring collection) had already captured my heart. Personally I don't think it'll date, bags are timeless anyway I think, it is what you make of it and these days even more so, non?
  8. Kirna Zabete has the black patent betty at 30% off right now!!!
    (212) 941-9656 ext. 4
  9. I think this bag needs to be bought if only for the fact that you can whip her out in the mornings and sing to yourself "Whoa, black betty, bam ba bam!" Know that old song? haha

    Sorry for the otherwise pointless post... :whistle:
  10. YES, Great song ........ LOL!
  11. Black Patent betty on SALE NM site!
  12. Would anyone be willing to share their input / experience / pictures of the Patent Betty? I am seriously considering this one (smaller size).

    I just think it is functional & rockstar at the same time!


    J :smile:
  13. I love it! I looked at one at NM and fell in love.....too bad my purse funds are dry!!