Black Patent Betty

  1. I thought they were sold out everywhere but I found a black patent Betty bag at the Nordstrom Mall of America store.:yahoo:
  2. ^ Did you get it on sale???? Congrats on finding your bag!
  3. Not on sale but I didn't care because I wanted it soo bad!!:yahoo:
  4. Fabby news - well done

    Remember to post the pics
  5. Good for you!!! I have seriously, seriously been considering this bag. It is the top bag on my wish list! Except I'm now on a purse ban (again). Congratulations!!!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. wow, congrats! I'm sure it's gorgeous.
  8. congrats, cannot wait to see the pictures.

    I adore the Betty :smile:
  9. Congrats!
  10. Here's my Brown Patent Betty. A true companion while venturing recreational facilities at the city museum.

  11. Wow, susieserb, how did I miss when you bought this? You and your Betty look great!!!!

  12. What a nice compliment thank you. This was my first Chloe purchase back in November when NM was blowing out their purses and this was lingering around (now Chloe bags on sale seem to evaporated in cyberspace).

    This little beauty started my total Chloe obsession:rolleyes: NYCMom helped allot.

    BTW the black Chloe Betty patent chain handled purse is on BF.
  13. You look great...and so does your Betty.