Black Patent Betty or Snakeskin Betty?

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  1. HI, any suggestions? Functionality is key... something that goes from casual to dressy .... black patent or snakeskin.. oh the dilemma!
  2. oooh, tough one. I think the snakeskin is stunning, but some people are creeped out by the texture.

    I'm thinking basic black patent would probably be easier to work with, although I don't think the Betty style necessarily lends itself to "dressy" occasions.

    Still think the snakeskin would be a showstopper.
  3. i saw the black patent at NM and it is gorgeous! IMO it can be dressed up or dressed down. I haven't seen the snakeskin yet.
  4. snakeskin.. it's really ups the look of the bag :love:
  5. oooh what a nice dilemma to have.
    For this money and it being new season so hopefully available, I would try them both on in a reputable store and really, really decide which one would be more useful, and more importantly, more you!

    They are both yummy bags, so whichever way you go, its going to be a showstopper :biggrin:
  6. No Budget?? Go for the Python! Wow, what an amazing bag!
  7. Snakeskin!!! My dream Betty!:yes:
  8. Am I crazy to think I can score a snakeskin on line at an auction site? If its under $1000 should I assume its fake?
  9. Thanks for all the replies!
  10. YES it would be FAKE! :yes:
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