Black Patent/beads LE and Strawberry Fields LE-Pictures

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  1. Well after all that "todo" went up and saw the Black Patent with beads today, it just was not for me. Stunning bag so much work in it, but no matter how hard I try just do not like Black Patent.
    Their are only 10 of these bags in the world so if anyone wants it Selfridges ship worldwide, think this bag will sell today or tomorrow. Cost £2,400 or about $4,800.

    They also had the Strawberry Fields bag in, again to much for me but it is stunning. Covered in beads all over plus leather hanging strawberries. I think the price on this one is about £5,000 or $10.000 not sure.

    See what you think
    133_3331.JPG 133_3332.JPG 133_3336.JPG 133_3333.JPG 133_3334.JPG
  2. Heres a one more, The grey?blue trianges on the Patent spy are lots of little beads, also has round black patent beads and beads down in an arrow shape.
  3. Wow, I think they are both stunning ... definitely works of art! I'm sorry to hear that they don't suit your needs ... I understand, they're both gorgeous but if you're not in love, it's not worth it! KWIM:yes:
  4. Wow! The strawberry one is even more gorgeous than I thought it would be!! Thanks for the pictures! You're right about the price, she runs at about $8.8k, plus tax, you're well into the $10k mark! Eeps!

    Love these pictures! Thanks so much! :heart:
  5. I like the second one a lot, but the patent one I'm not super-crazy about.

    thanks for the pics!
  6. Gosh, they are a bit much...

    They kinda make me think of the "Spies" that sometimes show up on eBay that are obviously fakes based on no real Spy, with all the beading and the strange material... :confused1:
  7. They are beautiful but definitely not for me. I like my bags on the simpler side. The 2nd one would annoy the crap out of me cos of it rubbing on my clothes, body when I carry it. I'd also be scared of catching it on something.
  8. Fatefullotus, now you have opened the door :nuts: ! I collect pics of really really bizaare & ugly fakes. Here's my pic from the auctions last week. A Leopard skin with a MOHAWK! Sort of Mr T goes Fendi :roflmfao: . Ya gotta love it! :roflmfao: ...Sorry to get off track here Saich, but I was so tempted :graucho: :
  9. ^--- Oh, the humanity!!!!! Is there nothing sacred in this world anymore?! :roflmfao:
  10. Oh Saich-y... Sorry about BL and I hijacking your wonderful post...!

    And now, back to your regular programming.
  11. Hi Saich,yes both are stunning but I understand why you didn't like the patent Spy.When I really love a bag,I'm not physically the same(one of my friend told me my face was changing...after that,i must confess I was a bit affraid),my heart beats speeder(really!),I'm like a teenager waiting for her first boy friend:drool: :nuts: :drool: !!!
    Now,if I don't feel this way...I don't buy the bag!
    Dear Spy :queen: with such a beautifull collection,your next treasure must be :yahoo:
  12. Well its not all bad news as just buying the Tulle Pearl spy BalenciagaLove posted a picture of.

    Anilouann have to say that was how I felt when I saw this Tulle spy, just fell in love
  13. Wow!! I love, love, love the strawberry one!! If only I could afford it...beautiful!
  14. by da way i woz in selfridges and drooled when i saw the spy collections there jst goregous:drool: :heart:
  15. Holy moly, BagLady, that's one mangy leopard spy! How funny!!!

    Saich - I think you made the right decision! Thanks for sharing the pics!! :heart: