Black patent bays on website

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  1. do i dare hope an e/w is in the offing?
  2. that looks sweet.
  3. We didn't think they would make a rouge noir E/W and they did, so why wouldn't they make a black patent E/W?
  4. If they do an E/W then its mine! Or maybe the R/N E/W. Will either remain for the Xmas sale do you think as I'm on a ban until then.
  5. same here.............unless one turns up at the outlets.
  6. That black patent is lovely... but it doesn't seem to be creased patent as the RN?!
  7. Well I'm still regretting that I didn't jump for that red Ostrich E/W (...was hoping for Summer sale but no chance!)...

    No Lillemy, black one is whole patent - so not for me.

    Live now - buy now - pay later!?
  8. Just out of interest ratrat - why wouldn't you want whole patent? Is it because of the wrinkling that happens? Also, do you think the wrinkled patent would be less delicate?
  9. Wow....that is one serious it!!!
  10. Well, Bays are my work horses and I already have Black Patent Ombre (only middle is patent) which is great, no need to worry about the bottom corner rub etc for everyday use - car/office floor/hooked on Tesco trolley/swimming match...

    I think wrinkled patent is more versatile and hide the crease better (since it's already creased as Tiree said somewhere) - then if it's mono leopard pattern, absolutely totally perfect for me.

    Wet/drenched look patent is BEAUTIFUL I know, but I already have middle size Ferragamo for that too.
  11. Ooooh, so shiny and beautiful. A classic. If only I could ...
    I :heart: this Bays.
  12. I think it is a/w since they have one in case Bluewater...although that one seemed to be spazzallaoto.
  13. BEAUTIFUL.....YUMMY.......must resist
  14. I saw a bays clutch black patent today in my local dept store. I thought it looked like wrinkled patent and it was GORGEOUS!!!