Black Patent Baby Beaton

  1. I was at the Las Vegas Forum Shops (at Ceasar's Palace) yesterday and the SA brought me out a returned black patent Baby Beaton who's current fate is to be sent to a far off outlet. Price $699. I SOOOOOO wanted it, but unfortunately, it's not in my budget right now. Someone who can give it as loving a home as I, should call and snap it up before it's gone....
  2. Serious? I was just there last month and they were all sold out. Mine had to be ordered from CA.

    It is a seriously HOT bag! I doubt it will be there long.
  3. Let's hope Baby B. will find an owner who treats it well...:tender:
  4. It was apparently returned the morning I was there. Her husband bought her 3 bags for Christmas and this one wasn't her fav. While chatting with the SA I mentioned how the red patent Baby B is gone, gone, gone. That's why he mentioned the return. I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing it... oh well, it wasn't meant to be mine! I'm sure it's probably gone be now.