Black Patent and White Leather

  1. What do you wear with black patent flats? When can you use a black patent purse? Are the dressy? What about carrying a white handbag? Wearing a white leather coat in the fall/winter months?
  2. i think black patent flats can be worn with almost anything. but i personally will avoid something else that's patent or too glossy. i would keep it simple and under tone
  3. Patent flats would look good with something more neutral - like gray slim fit trousers and a white tee.

    White handbags look fabulous with either a loud coloured outfit (think bright red dress) and even an all-black outfit. You can totally go for the mod look - play with white and black..e.g. White puff sleeved shirt, black pencil skirt, black patent heels, and your white handbag.

    White leather coats - full length or cropped to the waist? If full length, wear a simple dress that hits above the knee and black/brown boots. If cropped, play around with the grunge look like T shirts and jeans.
  4. I wear my black patent shoes with whatever I would wear leather shoes with. I have a couple of conservative office shoes in patent that I wear to the office to jazz up my basics. In general I think it's a little dressier than basic leather so I would wear it with more formal pieces like office pants, dark denim, etc. instead of more casual attire like track pants or kahkis.

    For some reason I personally don't like patent bags unless they're clutches so I don't have much advice there.

    I think you can wear a white handbag year round as long as there's nothing about it that's too summery (i.e., straw detail) - especially if it's not bright white. I really like it with outfits that have a touch of white somewhere, colors, and dark neutrals. You really can pair it with anything since it's a neutral but that's what I like best with it. I would wear a white jacket similary. If you can I wouldn't wear them together... I would pick a second color from the outfit (or one that pops against the outfit like red if you're wearing black and white) for the bag when wearing the jacket.
  5. I have a large, white leather purse that I purchased during the cold months and was intended to be used during the winter. It feels weird to me, but I guess I will. I have also been seeing alot of bone white, cropped leather jackets for fall/winter.

    Also, I can't remember anything about black patent ballet flats or purses. I've seen a bunch of wedges in patent. I just couldn't think of a place where I might use a large patent handbag.

    Thank you for your comments! All of your comments are very useful.
  6. i wear my black patent flats with straight leg jeans and a tunic. they're a good alternative to the basic boring black ballet flats, and also a change from the blindingly flashy metallic flats i see everywhere. (i secretly want a pair of those too, but rather save the money for another cute mini dress.)
  7. I think black patent is great year 'round!!

    IMO white leather is tricky...I had an ivory leather white leather coat for a few years but was always self conscious wearing it b/c of it getting dirty.
  8. I love patent leather. I would "match" them with a purse that was NOT patent, but maybe had black patent trim or something.