Black Patchwork stam or Ivory??

  1. I am possibly considering getting a stam, I'm not quite sure though, it's quite expensive and it's something I want to think over for awhile.

    But IF I were to get one, do you think I should get the back one or white one??

    Does the white one get dirty easy? I line in California, do you think I could get away with wearing the white during fall/winter??

    Which one do you prefer?
  2. I think the Ivory would be great for winter use anywhere, including, SoCal. I am not certain on the color difference between Ivory and Natural.
  3. I have both, Ivory Stam AND black Patch Stam and I used more my Ivory one. I will probably switch for Fall. If you live in CA, you should go for the Ivory one.
  4. The ivory one is beautiful!

  5. Yes and the color is darker than I thought it would be so it can be used until late Fall.
  6. I have the black patchwork. I would definitely want the ivory one because it is so beautiful. but if you want to get your first patchwork stam, i would suggest to get the black one because it goes with everything and very little maintenance.
  7. I have both a black and white chiffon stam and I have yet to use my white chiffon. It is beautiful, but definitely more delicate. I am worried about getting it dirty and don't want to pull it out for everyday use. I have used my black quite often. If you want a bag that you will use a lot, I would go for the black stam. I am loving mine.