Black pants with nude heels?

  1. Is this :tdown: or :tup:?

    And what color top would go?
  2. It's a yes from me. A white or black top would be nice, but any color would work.
  3. Yep that would be ok , Any colour top really! A Brighter coloured top would look good.
  4. Sounds cute! A solid colored top...but any color would work I think.. :tup:
  5. Yes!
  6. YES! The nude heels make your legs seem longer!!!!
  7. i'd like to think that nude heels go with almost everything!

    a bright colour top would be pretty, and black of course.
  8. Yes!
  9. You know, my gut reaction was no as I have so many black heels but I do agree nude heels would be amazing!!