Black paddy's, anyone own one?

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  1. If so could i see some pics please, what do you guy's think of the black ones? never see many around.
    Calling al ladies with pics of their paddy!
  2. Here's my Noir 06 from Net a Porter.

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  3. Thank you, nice looking leather
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  5. Oh me too!!
    I sold my Chloe Black paddington because I did not like the golden hardware, they chip badly. So I was carrying it without the padlock. This is the one I been waiting for! I even email Chloe long time ago to make a Black paddington with silver hardware! Its finally here! And with a small padlock. ITS PERFECT!

    Oh, i need to order one.
  6. Yes, I love the silver hardware too! If you do order it and get it - please post pics!