Black Paddy ??

  1. You know how the Paddy in black had a the contrasting stitching? Has anyone seen a new '06 black paddy irl? If so, is the stitching black as well? Matching? I have had someone ask me this question, but I haven't seen the new fall or this spring's Paddy in black.

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. I saw one a couple of weeks ago but didn't really pay too much attention. I do think that it also has contrast stitching like the old 05 paddy. I was just looking at the black clutch on NAP and it has contrast stitching. The clutch is from 06 pre-fall.
  3. they have both contrast or black stitch for 2006 black pad satchel. The newer one has black stitch
  4. Thanks, that is what I thought! Very helpful.

    Take care :smile:
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