black paddy with brown lock??

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  1. Bluefly has a black paddy with what appears to be a brown lock... has anyone ever seen this before? Is it a new lock?
  2. I really like this bag... what do you think?
  3. i always thought that is a hot bag (which is why as soon as i read your post i knew where to find the pic)! :shame:
  4. will it chip? it's so resin-shiny.... :heart: I think I like it:graucho:
  5. I see nothing wrong with the brown lock:smile: :shrugs: If you want a black paddy, this is a bit different, the brown lock is nice. Also, I think it won't chip if that bothers you about the brass ones! NAP has the traditional black paddy, with the brass lock, but of course it's not discounted:sad: Bluefly may be the way to go. I see they also have a brown on as well...(mokka) and that's a great color too! :p
  6. Love it :heart: