Black paddy with black stitching...

  1. Hi Ladies! Just wondering if the black paddy (with standard gold hardware) ever came with black stitching? Most of the authenticated ones on eBay and those owned by TPFers on the reference library have white stitching... please help! TIA!
  2. Hi Tia,

    Net-a-porter has one with brass hardware one from 06 whic I purchased. Its great! Really nice and pebbly. I personally don't like the white stichting, I think it makes the bag look cheap.


  3. Is the white stitching from '06 and the black stitching on '07? Or were both released in both years (so customers can have a preference???). Also, what is the diff between the 06 paddy and the 07 one?

  4. I've no idea nelstar - I've never ordered from here and don't know of anyone who has.
  5. I don't know anything about that site either, but my black paddy from '06 has black stitching and I like it better than the light stitching as well...:smile: :smile: I think the black stitching was only made in '06 and then they went back to the light stitching. They made the light stitching in '06 as well, I believe, but some places carried one or the other. (Does this make any sense!) :wtf: As far as the differences betweent the '06 and '07's, I would say that it's the leather quality and the more matte vs. shiny hardware. The '07's that I have, have nice leather, but I prefer the leather of "back in the day" of '05 and '06. The shiny lock is okay, (I've heard it doesn't scratch as much...) but the older locks are fine with me. I don't care about the scratches they inevitably get, part of that great "vintagey" look!