Black Paddy with black stitching - please post pics:-)!

  1. Hi paddy owners:smile:!
    Thinking about buying a black paddy with black stitching but I would really like to see pics "irl" first.
    So if you are the happy owner of such a beauty, - please post pics:tup:
  2. Only just saw your thread but I have a Black Paddy with black stitching :yes: It is lovely! :love:

    It's dark here now but check back tomorrow and hopefully I'll have been able to take a pic for you :flowers:
  3. Here's mine:

  4. Uhh, soo nice:drool:!
    - And I bet it goes with just about everything, right?
  5. Pamella72 beat me to it but my black paddy is exactly the same -it's wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough :yes:

    Gorgeous bag Pamella72! :heart::tup:
  6. [​IMG]
  7. sorry i totally posted the pic incorrectly.
  8. Is it the one with black padlock?
    It gives it kind of a rough look, I think. Very cool...:cool:
  9. Yeah, it really does. I used it all last winter. But this year, I got a muscade and will probably use that just as much. Out of all my paddy's though, the black is my least favorite. The other colors that it comes in just makes it just pop! To me the black is plain with no adventure and doesn't stand out as much.

  10. I love the paddys :drool:
  11. i love the one with black padlocks, so cool