Black paddy v Chocolate paddy

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  1. Hey, which paddy do you think is more versatile? Black or chocolate? i don't want to buy two as i find them a bit heavy... so if you have any thoughts id love to hear them! :wlae:
  2. Chocolate. Its a lovely rich colour that has tones of lovliness underneath. I do not particular think the black suits the Paddy. I would get a nice chocolate Paddy, and opt for a lovely black classic balenciaga (for the light days when you cannot cope with your heavy paddy ;))
  3. Chocolate!!!
  4. Hands down CHOCOLATE!!! Nobody makes chocolate like Chloe- it is divine! And now that I have a chocolate paddy (hobo style) I can honestly say that there isn't much in my wardrobe that I can't wear it with! I agree with Chloe_Babe, black really does not suit the paddy as well!
  5. Another vote for chocolate :smile:
  6. Thanks guys for your thoughts!!!

    Could i wear black shoes (or a black outfit) with a chocolate paddy though? Sorry - im new to this :smile:
  7. You sure can. Chocolate is more unique, go for it. =)
  8. 100% chocolate. I just bought this bag and you will NOT be disappointed. It goes with just about everything. The color is so beautiful and unique - it's not just "brown" it has a hint of red tones in the light that make it really stunning.

    Taken with natural light - no flash
  9. Audrey - that bag is TDF. So beautiful.

    I say go with the chocolate, such a rich and beautiful color.
  10. Def. chocolate. It is a rare type of brown that actually looks good with black. Jag, have we seen photos of your choco paddy hobo?
  11. This is the EXACT option I went with!!! I think you all know my vote...chocolate!:yahoo:
  12. Omg jag it is[FONT=Times New Roman, serif] gorgeous!! :love: I didn't think I would like the Chloe hobo but I love it! Your bag has a yummy texture and color! So lovely~
  13. Thanks Audrey! I should note that its from last year, not this current season. I can't wait to take her out this fall! :heart::heart::heart:

    BTW your choco paddy is GORGEOUS!!! It is soo rich and smooshy! :love:
  14. My vote is for Chocolate!:yes:
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