Black Paddy Shopper Tote $770+ at Nordies The Grove

  1. I called to ask what they had in the sale table and was told this just came in as returned. (323) 930-2230.
  2. :crybaby: Just called(like I need another bag:s ) It's missing the lock. Why bother to put it out on the floor:confused1: Anyway, thanks for the post eucalyptic!!!
  3. Oh wow! She didn't even mention that! No lock at $770?!?!? First, why did they accept it without the lock? Second, like you said, why put it on the floor?

    Anyway, look at me calling stores around while I'm on a ban... hahahah... Haven't bought anything though, it's my purse patch (after nicotine patch) while I wait till I am allowed to get my fix.
  4. I don't know how well this ban is going to work for me:shrugs: I have no will power when it comes to good handbags on sale:shame: !!!
    I keep checking the websites and telling myself it's just for fun but the minute I see an amazing deal I'm afraid I'm going to go for it:rolleyes:
  5. :s

    That's what I am doing too. Endlessly checking. I'm so scared that I will miss the current 'crave' at the AR sale I feel is imminent. Then if I see something else TDF I've conditioned myself to pounce if it is returnable. I just came back from checking LVR and in my bag I had placed a large gris clair Silverado. The account shows it at a decent price. But there is no picture of the item to refresh my memory. What the heck is gris clair? Must be something grey? Do they hold things in the bag and tag them as 'sold' even before you punch in the numbers? If I put it in the bag it must have been something good??? I don't think it is so easy to return things to LVR - is it? Why do I think I need another purse?????
  6. divnanata, Jumpei told me before he left AR that the sale was actually after Spring, not in January so you can breathe a little easier heheh...

    as for AR, if it's on sale, there are no returns, I believe and as many have found out, even after you key in your credit card info, you can still get an email from them (or not) saying that the bag is out of stock.

  7. Ah yes - I am worried about that. This reneging of a sale has not happened to me yet even at sites like BG's where they are notorious for it. I did have a successful interaction with AR before with my large belt pocket Paddy. Now I fear that the Purse God is going to zap me with some bad karma. For some reason I am intent on a certain purchase - but only if it is on sale. eBay scares me and I have yet to buy anything from that venue except for some rare videos. I kick myself for missing out on the deal at Sacoche but at the time it seemed like utter craziness to get so many bags all at once. You would think I'd have reached a saturation point but Noooooooo..... Oh well - everbody has a story about the one that got away. I should be grateful there is still something to shop for since the thrill of the hunt almost surpasses the bagging of it! Now what would be their definition of "after Spring"?
  8. There is a black tote/shopper at Nordsrom, Columbia Mall, Maryland for $770.00 with the lock.