Black paddington

  1. i just ordered/bought/waiting for a black paddington and matching large wallet in black in LVR. what do u ladies think of the black paddington? i never had a plain black bag and i decided chloe paddington to be the one. i already have a mousse paddy and a lot of tan bags from LV. is the black one still popular? let me know what u girls think of the color. thanks again!
  2. Ooooh. Does it have the black hardware?

    I saw someone with a black paddy last week and it was simply stunning.
  3. I like black paddys... it would be a good choice because of the hardware:love:
  4. The paddys i ordered have golden hardware not black. they don't have any in medium size.
  5. Because black is so versatile you should get a ton of use out of your new bag! :yes: I prefer gold/silver hardware to the new black hardware (even though I haven't seen it in person yet :P) You must post pictures for us to drool over when you get it!! :drool:
  6. The new black on black paddys are gorgeous, however, buyer beware. When those black locks start to scratch, the color underneath will not be black and its really going to stand out, and not in a good way. One of my employees has had hers for a week and she babys her bags and the hardware is starting to nick and chip. Shes returning it tonight she said.
  7. congrats. Its a classic colour, will go with everything and does not look out of place even in the summer months. I think you will love it, especially with the matching wallet.
  8. ooooooo I can't wait to see the pics! Black on Black Luvs it!
  9. Im still waiting for my bag and wallet. FeEDEX called today and told me i have to pay 5%Import tax and 10%GST. damn! the package is delay for the customs. i really hope it won't cost me a lot. but i think its still cheaper to buy from LVR than buying here in Australia. what about you ladies, if you buy from oversea, whoever bought one before how much did u pay for the customs in your country? im kinda worried. they told me if the package is less than $1000AU dollars its tax free. but my wallet and a bag cost way more than that.
  10. I have seen the black paddies with the black hardware and I didnt like them. It just looked fake to me...
  11. the bag that i ordered doesn't have balck hardware. i ordered with golden hardware. i never seen one with black hardware so i cannot comment on it.
  12. you'll love it, I have the black paddy with the gold hardware and its gorgeous!

    Iv gotten so much use out of it because it goes with everything!
  13. The black with gold hardware is lovely
  14. Even with customs tax, it's way cheaper than if you were to buy it in Australia.
  15. I love balck color Paddy, plus you can wear it with everything! I'd get it myself, if I didn't have so many black bags already. Don't hesitate!