Black Paddington Satchel...$600

  1. @ Nordies in Maryland (as hold under Ali. Ask for Mary (410)296-2111 Only one...
  2. Thanks, Ali! I just called and was told that it is a black medium (I think) front pocket w/ all black hardware (not brass). And I was told it was $689.90... Go get it, someone!
  3. What do you gals think of the black on black (black lock and black hardware)?
  4. Any pictures by any chance??
  5. Personally, I like the brass lock better, but black on black is great because you can wear it with silver or gold accessories (if that kind of thing bothers you). I've never had one with an all-black padlock, so I don't know if scratching would be more noticeable...
  6. i found this picture of it on eBay. I dont have a paddington so this would be my first, but I always thought that I would get a paddington with silver or gold hardware on the lock. It makes the lock stand out more if it's silver or gold. This is all black, very black. Is it going to be hard for me to find another paddy at $700 again?
  7. what is the original price?
  8. I also like the brass hardware better don't care so much for the black hardware. But this is a great deal for someone.
  9. The front pocket paddy is a little different but the same concept as far as black on black. You may find a deal like that again but probably not for a brand new bag. Not to mention if you get it from Nordies and you have any probs with the bag you can always take it back for them to do repairs.
  10. Thanks Bagatella, sweet of you to post the info! I didn't have a chance to call Mary back and get the full details. That is a fab deal even cheaper than NM!!!!!!!
  11. this is such a great deal! if only i had $ right now.... :sad:
  12. You are the best Ali W -Has anyone bought it? I put my name on a wait list w/ Mary-what a bargain
  13. The bag has been sold. Congrats to who ever got it!
  14. Ali, thank you so much for all the times you posted great deals! You are are great PFer!

  15. Thanks!!!!! I figure its my way of giving back for all the great deals i've found here!