black paddington at amazon 72% off

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  1. $375.00


    I barely could believe it when I saw this pop up on Amazon. I was looking for a book on the history of the fashion house of Chloe but instead I found this deal...enjoy!
  2. Gosh?! Do you think it's real? How lucky would THAT buyer be if it were?
  3. It's a screaming deal if it's real. I figure if they have the same return policy as Amazon it would be worth the time and effort. Currently I'm very impressed with my own self restraint.
  4. Probably fake. This store has a couple of fake LVs for sale.:yucky:
  5. yeah, doesn't look like it's real!
  6. oh dear, I'm sorry for posting this, I'd hate to mislead someone into buying a fake. Is it possible to have the mods delete this post?
  7. Don't worry ceseeber! Who knows? It might be real and someone would be ecstatic. As long as there is a fair return policy there shouldn't be a problem - don't you think?
  8. In the image gallery, there are pics of a "red paddy" that looks really fake, sorry! The leather is so shiny looking and the hardware just blinding. What a deal that would be though! It's so awful the way some people take advantage of others...
  9. The black paddy has stock pictures stolen from NAP. Don't buy this bag.
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