Black Paddies on Bluefly!!

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  1. enough said ^-^
  2. The leather of it looks pretty off for me.
  3. And gone.
  4. Be careful.
  5. weird. must be a newer version - looks kinda fake.
  6. Read the threads in the Balenciaga forum about fakes showing up on Bluefly today... I'd be real careful about buying from them until more is known about that situation....
  7. Yeah, I'm definitely not buying from Bluefly again until this whole fiasco is resolved.
  8. Bluefly doesnt really seem to know if items they are selling are authentic or not IMO
  9. What looked "off" about the leather?

    I just got a black paddy, i don't believe it's the new model, but i must say i simply ADORE the color and look of it :smile:
  10. This is true- herein lies the problem! :wacko:
  11. I just got a Large Silverado Doctor bag from Bluefly last week. I haven't used it but I am now wondering if I should send it back after hearing about authenticity issues...:worried:
  12. Oh no! I read about the Balenciaga bags, now there might be fake Chloe bags too? Awfu! I sure hope this gets resolved!
  13. this is making me alarmed about even looking at bluefly..