Black ostrich Alma!!

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  1. Today I saw a stunning piece at the LV store in Düsseldorf! A black Alma in ostrich leather! It looked/felt soooooo good! I didnt even know something like that was availlable:shocked:

    Has anyone else seen this beautifull bag????
  2. That must have been amazing.
  3. oh yes, not IRL but someone has this as their avatar pic- its a model sitting on a chair, we only see her legs, there is a dog next to her and the black ostrich alma on the other side of her. It looks sooooo beautiful
  4. Was it this?
  5. Yess thats the one!! she's a beauty!!
  6. :drool:
  7. oh yes thats the pic!! spot on Elliespurse!
  8. I have seen the grey one and it is stunning IRL
  9. That's gorgeous! I wonder what the pricing for that bag is..
  10. The Alma is a lovely bag. I am just not keen on the *bumps* on the ostrich leather--where the feathers were plucked out. Reminds me of goosebumps. :shocked:
  11. Gorgeous
  12. That's funny. I think I see ostrich leather in a different way now.. Oh well, good news for my wallet in the future!
  13. Oh my goodness that is a gorgeous bag! I wonder how much it costs???? Spendy I would guess!
  14. Gosh! :love: I am lusting after this bag :P....It is my wall paper and HG since DEC 09 when I saw the catalogue.

  15. approximately 5300,- Euro :smile: