Black or White?

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  1. OK, my mom has finally agreed to buy me a Birkin as her graduation gift to me :biggrin:. I'm not into any of the fancy reptile-skin bags, so all I want is a plain 35cm Togo Birkin with Palladium hardware that I can use for work. Now the only pressing question is:

    Should I get it in black or white?

    I love white bags, but I already have a white Gucci tote, and I will soon have a white Louis Vuitton Suhali L'Epanoui GM. Would a white Birkin be too much white?

    I don't really have a black bag for work, except a black Dior Vintage Flowers East/West Satchel. If I got the black Birkin, would it be too much black because it's such a big bag?
  2. Congratulations for your graduation!!!
    Black birkin is very timeless. I don't think it will be too much black. You can wear black birkin almost all the time. It matches pratically with anything. I have a black birkin but mine is a bicolor one with the handles in orange croc. If you're thinking black is too much black, why not get a bicolor one in basic leathers??? Maybe blue with black or purple with black??
    White birkin too is gorgeous. Check out Victoria's pics on this forum where she's carrying one. However, you must be very careful and not get it dirty. I love white birkins......makes me thinking of getting one.

    Since you have so many white bags, then get a black one. You can carry it everywhere. Check out Nicole's pics where she's carrying a black birkin.
  3. a Birkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    get black
  4. Here's Nicole carrying a black birkin.

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  5. B-L-A-C-K!!.....Great for work....congrats! Lucky girl...generous mommy!
  6. Black, you lucky girl, you! Congrats on your graduation :smile:
  7. Black! (The one Nicole is carrying is gorgeous!)
  8. Congrats! I say black, I have one LOVE it...
  9. Black.
  10. Black....with gold hardware. Just like the one that Nicole is wearing. I have one & I :love: it.
  11. I'd say black, but if you get a second birkin definitely the white!
  12. Definitely black if you already have other white bags!
  13. black!!!
  14. For work, I think black is the perfect choice because it wears so well. Congrats and very nice mommy! :smile:
  15. Yep, another vote for black !