black or white?

  1. Do you think this would up hold longer then the MC PTI style wallet?

    Also which color would work better for an all year round wallet?
    Or is it better to match your wallet with your handbags ?
    inside.jpg outter .jpg
  2. I have the Porte Tressor in White MC. Love Love it! I say go white!
  3. I love this wallet!! I hope you guys don't think I'm nuts but I HAVE to have my wallet match the bag. (It's a sickness I got from my grandmother who also had matching compacts!) If I have a bag and the wallet inside does not match, it eats away at me and I HAVE to get it. I know I'm obsessed with bags. Sorry!
  4. My vote is for black: it will last longer (as in: stay clean)!
  5. Black. It will last longer, not dirty so easily and I think it's bolder. You can see the diff colors better IMHO.
  6. I Like To Have Every Piece I Can In Monogram. I Also Like To Match...But, After The Monogram, I Only Buy The Pieces That I Really LOVE Or Stand Out To Me. I Like White MC A Little More. But, I Only Use It For Season. THEREFORE......Black!
  7. OMGosh ladies you have me going :smile:
    I love both.. the white does make a statment BUT like few have said black will stand up longer(clean)
    Hmmmmm what to do ?
  8. LOL thats ok... we all have our issues.

  9. I have the white MC PTI, I love it and the white won't get dirty. I have tons of white MC pieces and they are still clean as the day I bought them. Once, I got a pen mark on my Trouville, brought it back to my SA and she cleaned it out for me.
  10. Definitely black- I see about half as many blacks as whites, and there seems to be a lot more fakes of the white than black.
  11. white looks more classy!
  12. My vote goes to black MC. I have the black PTI, but I prefer this style. I'm currently using the Framboise Vernis equivalent of this's just more convenient for me to get stuff in/out.
  13. white is definitely classy!
  14. white, because it stands out
  15. Black