Black or White?

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  1. I'm thinking about buying my first pair of Gucci sneakers.

    I have awkward feet which shoes slip off so I tend to wear boots or strappy sandals (not much in between!). I thought a nice pair of sneakers which can lace up would be ideal.

    Assuming these are comfortable, which colour is better? I'm in the UK so it can rain at anytime. My boots which I wear all the time are black so my head is leaning towards the black sneakers. Would go with most of my wardrobe, pretty much all year round. My heart thinks the white is more iconic. I do own some white Lacoste sneakers which I rarely wear, perhaps because they seem quite "bright".

    Anyway, what do you think?


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  2. I prefer the white sneakers
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  3. For you I would definitely recommend getting the black pair. In rainy or unpredictable weather they will last longer and look newer. Black is more understated and will go with every outfit. It looks a bit more dressy than the white so you could get away with wearing it to dinner etc. Plus if you already have a white pair you don’t use you probably won’t feel too comfortable wearing these white Gucci’s so waste of money.
  4. Black
  5. the white is nice and iconic, the black is nice and practical. You can't go wrong with either, I suggest you follow your heart. You love them and they will love you back. If you get the black, you will pine for the white, if you get the white, you might spend more time trying to keep them pristine. I love me a new good looking white sneaker... attention getting, maybe, but I love the attention I pay to myself even more. Get the black to get it out of your system and get lots of use... then get the white to dress up your casual outfit game. You are worth it.
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  6. I would go with the white. Yes, they are harder to keep clean but the black reminds me of referee shoes
  7. Hilarious !!! Although that might be the new look... 'The Referee Shoes Look'... heck, the 'Dad Sneakers Look' is out and folks are into it. lol. I guess it's all how you style it.
  8. White
  9. Both the black and white are lovely. I however tend to wear darker colored sneakers because I am always scuffing up the light ones. So I’m going to have to say Black; however if you don’t have an issue with scuffing, the white is very pretty.
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  10. love love love the black ones!
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  11. White
  12. black
  13. 1 more vote for WHITE!! :smile:
  14. White
  15. Please note the OP posted this question in January ;)

    I would love to know which colour @Louish decided on in the end (if at all)
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