black or white multicolored speedy?

  1. Hi all :smile:
    I have the option of getting either a black or white mc speedy and I'm having a hard time choosing the color. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Personally i prefer the white to the black! But yeh for MC speedys!
  3. I love both Black MC and White MC.

    However, I think there are some bags/accessories that look better in Black MC and some that look better in White MC.

    Therefore, I'd get the BLACK MC SPEEDY.

    The MC Speedy looks better in Black, in my opinion.

    Good Luck on your final decision! :flowers:
  4. I have and love both but..I like the white. :yes:
  5. I have both but I think the white is just so gorgeous especially if you can get one with a lot of pinks & purples :love:
  6. Black!!!
  7. I prefer the white!
  8. I have both, but think I prefer the black! You can't go wrong with either! ;P
  9. I'm lusting for a black one personally, but if I lived in a warm climate I may have opted for a white. So my vote is according to the climate you live in, if it's a warm one go for the white but if it's a cool climate you'll get more mileage out of the black one.
  10. I'm loving the black mc right now!
  11. Yup, black all the way!!
  12. I like the white (perhaps it's because I have it in white :p)...The white is more understated than the black, in my opinion. Happy shopping!
  13. get the White MC Speedy, it's gorgeous!
  14. I love both! I use to only want a white one but I somehow ended up buying a black one instead and I must say, I adore it! I'm still hoping to get a white one though.
  15. Black!