Black or White MC

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  1. Hi, I like both black and white. Which one is easier to match? What do you guys like about black and white MC?

  2. Hi.. Welcome to tPF :P Personally I like white MC. I have darker skin tone, and I wear mostly lighter tone clothing. And white MC just goes well :yes:
  3. Welcome to TPF!

    I think it really depends on what the main color in your wardrobe is. I know, I'd buy a black MC as I wear a lot of black and primary colors!
  4. The white MC is fresher and I love how the colours look so soft against the white background, but the black must be easier to maintain though the colours stand out more against the black than the white...I'd personally choose black since I'm scared of the white area greying!
  5. I am a big fan of black MC.
  6. White !!!!!
  7. white mc is really sweet, black mc is easier to maintain & no "bleeding"/ yellowing worries
  8. What I like about the white MC:

    *Colors don't stand out as much against white, so they look more pastel and feminine
    *Colors seem to show more variation (on black MC, the colors contrast brightly against the canvas, and it's harder to pick out subtle shade differences)
    *Looks more fresh for spring/summer
    *Items that look better in white MC, IMO: Small accessories with little/no vachetta (Koala, Wapity, Pochette wallet), Pochette accessoires, Rift, Shirley, Trouville, Alma, Lodge, Leonor

    What I like about the black MC:
    *Can be worn year-round
    *Ages better, because vachetta will always be lighter than the canvas. Patina appears to be a nice, even honey color in contrast with the black, while dark vachetta on white MC often looks dirty or too old because it stands out too much
    *Mole lining will not bleed like the raspberry alcantara lining on some older white MC pieces
    *Items that look better in black MC, IMO: Small accessories with vachetta trim (Pochette cles, Porte-monnaie plat, French Purse, Porte-monnaie billets, PTI, agenda), Speedy, Petite Noe

  9. Thank you~~:P I just found this website yesterday and I love it!!!:tup:

  10. What are the primary colors? Are they red, green and blue? I wear a lot of colors, mainly pink, green, blue, black and white,..etc except for brown. :P
  11. Black !
  12. :tup: White
  13. Me too!! :yes:
  14. I think both are beautiful but the white has always been my favorite. I like a few bags better in black the mc noe. I don't think you can go wrong with either choice!
  15. I think it depends on the bag/accessory. Some look better than others in either color.

    I have the white MC heart and the Black MC Audra and Key Holder.

    I am not really a fan of white anything and wear a lot of black clothing so the Black MC is perfect for me.