black or white MC wapity?

  1. i think i have decided on getting a wapity..



    personally i like the white more..the black's too "fluorescent" for me..but then..i think my white one will turn grey pretty soon!

    if u hv a white MC are u keeping up with it being dirty?

    what do u gals think? :shrugs:
  2. :Push: ekekekek, what a hard decision!!! ummm, i really wanted a BLACK MC wapity afew months ago... so yeah i think you should get a BLACK one!!! or maybe a monogram... :Push: ekekekek, i dont know!!! hehehehe!!! they're SO cute!!! :wlae: good luck with what you decide!
  3. thanks!!! makes me even more confused!!
  4. :roflmfao: sorry!!!!!! SO SORRY!!! :shame:
  5. np np...i don't know how to decide!
  6. I don't have either (yet!) but I'd go with the black. IMO, white just gets too dirty over time...I'm not good keeping white/cream bags clean which is why I only have one!

    Honestly due to what I've heard/learned about the MC colors wearing off in time, I am personally inclined to the mono wapity vs. any of the MCs.
  7. yeah, the colors wearing off is a problem to me too..........i realized that each time i look at the pictures i'll prefer one over the other..which makes it harder to decide!

    for the mono wapity..don't u think the LV logos seem a bit too big for the size of the wapity?
  8. :nuts: :nuts: Huh decided have we?!......Mmmmm I vote White MC mine's a mono.
  9. lee69 now im jumping back and forth!!!!!!!!!!!! between pochettes and wapity!!!!!! argh!!!
  10. Nope;)
  11. sigh..between this and the epi pochette....ARGH i'm back to square one!!! somehow i really wanna hit BIN...
  12. I say...if you can't decide, go with both! :yes: I prefer black, but I ended up with both colors :lol:
  13. Actually what do you intend to use it for?:shame:
  14. which both colors?? u mean both wapity and the epi pochette?

  15. to be honest..i have no idea :crybaby:
    at first i wanted something for more formal occassions without hving to take such a big bag..i mean i have different sized bags already:

    1) papillon 19
    2) popincourt
    3) damier speedy 25

    i mean i don't have a big collection :Push: but i do want to get something that's smaller terms of the dimensions i feel that the epi pochette can hold more cash and credit cards and my phone that's super slim (not RAZR ;))...but i now feel the wapity is cute :graucho:..but..i guess at this rate i'm just comparing the mono wapity and the epi pochette (because of the price)..

    for the MC one....if im using it as a small case..i'm sure i'll throw it around...really can't justify the color and the price! (ALTHOUGH IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!)...:wtf:

    MORE HELP!! oh tax on the epi pochette :smile:

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