Black Or White Mc Speedy??


Jan 10, 2006
This purse has been slowly growing on me and i think i'm going to buy it. But i don't know what color? Which one is more versitile? do you think this purse will be too dated?? opinons please. tell me if i should get it or not!!! thanks in advance.


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i love the multicolor speedy! i think it really depends on what you want.. the white is softer and definetely a great spring/summer bag but you have to be careful because of the white canvas.. the black is really striking and bold and can be used year round.. they're both beautiful though!
I love both ..
Guess it depends on when you want to use it most, an where you live..
I have the white and just adore it, I have the blk mc alma but i'd like to get a nicely used blk mc speedy.
Will you be buying new or used ?
i prefer white multicolor.

if you like the bag you should get it. i personally wouldn't buy it, it is too small, too expensive and not my style, but my opinion or that of anyone else shouldn't stop you from getting something if you love it. :smile:
White, I went through the same debate in my head. The black appealed because its not the one everyone has and will not get dirty as much...but the white was just so darn cute. I figured since this was not the only bag I'll ever get I should live and get the white, which so far has not really gotten dirty at all! :biggrin:
I have one in black and it's perfect for where I live (Toronto, Canada). If you live in the warm climate, get the white one. If you don't, black is more usable. JMO.:smile: