Black or White MC Bandeau?


Which one should I buy?

  1. White MC bandeau

  2. Black MC bandeau

  3. Neither - get [fill in the blank] instead!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi all!

    I've been thinking of getting an MC bandeau, but as usual I'm super fickle and I cannot decide which one to get! I intend to wear it in a variety of ways, like a hairband, on the wrist, as a belt or around the neck, pinned to my top, etc.

    Would appreciate your opinions!

    Just curious, for those with both the black and white bandeaus, which one do you wear more often?
  2. I really looooove the black
  3. Personally I would choose the white mc bandeau. But since you have a lighter skin tone and darker hair, I'd choose depending on which style you like to wear it more. If you'll be wearing it as a head band more often, I would pick the white, but if you'll be wearing it on your wrist more often, I would choose the black. Good luck with your decision. :tup:
  4. I'd go with white, it's a better choice for the summer and I think it compliments the colours better !
  5. ITA!
  6. I like the white to put in your hair, and the black to tie on your bags. Get both!
  7. I chose white MC because I like the colors on the white better. Either would look great though! :yes:
  8. I love the black MC bandeau!
  9. i have the black MC bandeau. The white looks very pretty too, but i chose the black as i thought it would look better with how i wear it (as a belt, on bags, headband).
  10. Get the white one! I have it and absolutely love it. It's so versatile and there are so many ways to wear it! I always tie it onto my speedy/alma/baggy.;)
  11. There's no "get both" choice? :graucho: I really think both are cute but I bought the white one because it looks so great for summer.
  12. white gets my vote.
  13. Black gets my vote. I bought the black one b/c I was afraid of getting the whie one dirty.
  14. Ahhhhhhh, this is a very hard choice for me because I absolutely love both colors.

    Why don't you have BUY BOTH for an option in the poll. :p

    Since I have to choose ...... I'd get the White MC Bandeau.
  15. white only