Black or White MC Agenda??

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  1. Hello TPF! I need help deciding on which color agenda to get! They are both so pretty and getting both is not an option...:nogood: Anyone with experience or recommendations would greatly be appreciated!

  2. Black because white will get dirty fast!
  3. Black :tup:
  4. black is great for agenda
  5. Black GL
  6. If you love both equally, get the Black. Much easier to maintain.
  7. I love White MC :love:
  8. Black
  9. Black! I have an amarante one but was a nanosecond away from picking damier azur when the thought hit me - pen marks!! I would just die. But heavens forbid you get a pen mark on a black agenda you may be able to hide it more (although Idk the color of the inside so I don't know if this theory will work there).
  10. Black since the White gets dirty easily. The color will eventually rub off, but the Black would look as bad.
  11. Black for sure!
  12. Black!
  13. Black...just like everyone mentioned, white will get dirty fast! I feel like with something that is going to be used regularly, you don't want to have to baby it.
  14. I like white. My MC white agenda GM still looks as good as new and it is years old now. If you love the white you can always get it and just leave the agenda in the coverslip when you toss it in your bag. I carry mine in the dust cover sometimes if I'm taking it to work and worried about it getting some my lunch etc leaked onto it in my bag.:P
  15. black for the agenda