black or white le fabuloux?

  1. Hi ladies, I need all of your opinions. I'm considering a le fab...but I'm not sure which color to choose. Black or white??? Also for those that have it, is it worth it in price and size and comfort (edges sharp)? Thanks so much, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Black! The only problem I have with a Le Fab is that it can get pretty heavy =\ But it's definitely worth the money! I :heart: mine.
  3. I will go for black
  4. Sorry double post...please respond on the 1st thread. Thanks.
  5. I have too many black bags. My vote is for the white Le Fab.
  6. I like the white myself!
  7. White!
  8. White is better
  9. Black is better in my opinion. The gold hardware just shows up so much nicer on the black Suhali.
  10. Eeek! Both colors are beautiful...

    But I like black a tad more. Wouldn't mind having white either... haha oh noez, now I want one.
  11. Sigh...I'm glad to see someone else hand the same problem:shame: I love both, actually all, of the le fab colors. So I bought the them in order of what would become "extinct" first. I bought the blue last summer, the geranium and white this winter and I just got the black last week. If you plan on eventually getting the both colors I would get the white becasue it looks AWESOME with the whole nautical trend!!!!:heart: :heart: You con't go wrong with either color because both can be used all year long.
  12. White, definitely!
  13. My friend has the white and she carries it everywhere. The white is truly stunning!
  14. White