Black or white? Large or small?

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  1. Hello! It's me again Vicky 2007. I'm coming back to PF before a month ;)
    Now I need your guys Chanel fans opinions.

    My mom allow me to bought a J12 watch now :nuts: . I have been saving money and mom said that she will pay the rest for me :smile: .

    The problem is I am an Asian girl and I have a tiny wrist. I try on a small size and it looks so great but it working with battery :push: !

    The larger version is automatic watch and I prefer automatic :sweatdrop: . I asked the SA why Chanel didn't make automatic watch in small version and he told me the women don't care whether the watch is battery or automatic. :shrugs:

    Anyway, I want my watch to be an automatic watch but the large size is too large for my wrist.

    I want the opinion from you guys and it will be worth to me a lot!

    Oh! The watch I wanna get is the same version as one member in this PF has.

    and another question is should I get the black one or white one? The white one is exactly as the showing photo but the black one that I want is with ruby instead of diamond in the picture.

    Thank you :yahoo:

    Here is the pic:


    Thank you for the photo from Chanel reference
  2. hmm. well i love big watches on any siize writst so i would get the automatic. also normally i would say black but that white is sooooo striking! ilove it!!!
  3. OH my gosh...the white is gorgoues. I'd say get the white automatic. I think the black on a small wrist (I am asian too and have tiny wrists) would be too stark. But the white larger size on a small wrist, wouldn't be too overpowering and would look fab.
  4. Beautiful accessories. For me, White and Small.
  5. i have a small wrist too. those watched are TDF! whichever one you end up picking will be gorgeous!
  6. I love the white..and I'd get the small.
  7. I have the white 38mm with the diamond band and bezel in white. I love it, but I also want to get a black 38mm either plain or with diamond markers. My godmother has a 6" wrist and she wears the large 38mm and it looks very good on her. I would say the 38mm in white.
  8. I have both the black and white in 33mm. I think you should definitely get the white. Personally for me the 38mm was too HUGE.
  9. welcome back vicky!!

    it's GREAT that you will be getting a j12... i am still lusting after mine! anyways, i agree w/ the ladies, small white

    BUT, if you get it w/ rubies, then do black!! good luck!
  10. Great to see you back, Vicky!
    And your mom is so lovely to pay the rest for you, lucky girl!

    I also agree that you should go with the white.
    Don't forget to show us pictures!
  11. great to hear about your mom helping you to buy that watch!
    both colors are great. i do think white for a smaller wrist would be best.
  12. i vote for the white one in the small size, :drool:
  13. same here! Auto White is a great combo for female, even w/tiny wrist(heck, make the diamonds looks bigger on us! lol:yes: ), go for it!
    ps. Welcome back!
  14. Welcome backk!!! I love the small white one.. tried it on and it looked gorgeous on a small wrist. :yes::yes: I did not look too good with the larger size. :shame::shame:
  15. I have the 38mm white w/diamond markers and love it, however am so tempted to get the black w/ruby markers - that is beautiful! I would choose the black w/rubies since its different and only comes w/the black.