Black Or White GST??? pics****

  1. Need help in deciding between the black and white GST....

    I have a jumbo black flap G/H already. I want to own a tote that I can use easily and anytime I want to....

    Appreciate the help I can get. I need the code of the bag also....

    Thanks in advance! :wlae:
  2. Get the black GST with silver hardware (since you have gold on your flap). you will get more use of the black tote.
  3. here are the pics, a friend took these shots at a chanel boutique with her daughter:rolleyes:
    gst balck.jpg gst white.jpg
  4. Definitly the white one! It's very very cute!
  5. i think the black is easier to maintain
  6. White scares me, so it would be black all the way for me.
  7. Since the bag is in caviar I would defently go with the white one! Love it
  8. The black is probably more practical, but the white is really pretty too.
  9. Get the black first, then white later. :graucho:
  10. [​IMG]

    I notice the black caves in towards the bottom sides. Is this a new bag on display and from standing up all the time? Or is this natural from usage? Or is the leather stretching on the sides from being overstuffed?
  11. The white one is nice. But I definitely like the black on the GST!
  12. I love the white but it's hard to take care of. My SA is always warning me that the white will turn yellow with age. But if you already have a black flap, then maybe you should go for the white...
  13. Black is easier to maintain but white is just too HOT and a must have! Good-luck with your decision!
  14. Get the black, it is easier to maintain as the bag has no feet at the bottom. Also the GST does cave in at the corners after usage because the caviar softens. Heres my pic of black with Gold hardware.
  15. Thanks Sima. I still love the look of the black GST.