Black or White Double Coiled Bracelet?


Black or White Double Coiled Bracelet?

  1. Black

  2. White

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  1. I like the white on you.:smile:
  2. On me? :p Just for me or for everybody? :nuts:
  3. white!
  4. black
  5. I like black !
  6. Hmm! I was looking at those too and I was also trying to decide!! If you have tan skin, I would go with white, medium skin tone.. black I gues!! :yes:
  7. I like the white :yes:
  8. You of course!:p From viewing your collection portraits plus your tan!:flowers:
  9. I'm not sure what my skin tone is. I'm asian though!
  10. Tan? I don't have a tan! :p Must be just because I'm asian!

    Some guy on the bus started talking to me and asked if I was Korean, saying I looked Korean! Are Koreans supposed to have darker or lighter skin tone for asians?

    By collection potraits, you mean my modeling pics right?
  11. I would get black... it's SOOOOO awesome IRL!
  12. Okay...:shame: I still think the white is better on you. Unless you are a hardcore punk rocker....:sweatdrop:
    Besides, I think Asians wear white better!:p
  13. black... low maintenance IMO
  14. White!:yes:

    Suhali white is one of the most gorgeous "whites" I have ever seen. It's absolutely scrumptious!!!!