Black or White Caviar Flap?


Black or White Caviar?

  1. Black Caviar

  2. White Caviar

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  1. Hi guys! Which would u prefer between the 2 and why? Thanks!!!
  2. Between the two, probably black if that will be your only Chanel.

    I have both, and honestly I personally wear my white one more. I know a lot of people would say black is just easier to care for, for obvious reasons. The white just tends to pop more, but if you're scared of keeping it clean then get the black.

    Either way, you can't go wrong. Caviar leather is generally easy to clean. If my white caviar flap gets a little dirt or whatever on it, I just use Apple Garde Leather Cleaner to wipe it off and it's pristine again. :yes:

  3. Thank you so much for being helpful! ;) Actually, I want both. I just don't know what to get first... It will probably take me a while before I can get the black if I ended up getting the white especially with the price increase.. :sweatdrop: I just want the first one to make a really great impression... :smile:
  4. The white Definitely pops more. Much more beautiful in person, I think. Black really just... blends in.

    Depends on your wardrobe. If you're one to wear head-to-toe black, then white might look weird, especially in the dead of winter. But if you wear a lot of colors, or a lot of white, then do white!
  5. I always wear light colors.. Um.. Thanks! :yes:
  6. hmm personally I'd do black White requires more work in the cleaning...IMO
  7. black is easier...
  8. Black first and then white -- but I'm basing this on my locale which is now unfortunately heading into winter. If you are living in a warmer location -- how I envy thee :smile: then I'd say go white. Basically, whichever one you can use most often. (More bang for your buck, kind-da thing.)
  9. Id say both but first get the black and then get the white.
  10. the white is beautiful and stands out really well. i would say get a black one in a bigger bag like GST or something.
  11. I like white more personally, and white indeed pops more. :tup:
  12. Black caviar flap. It's just a personal preference. I love black leathery bags!

    While the white stands out more, there's just something really classic about a black bag. :smile:
  13. black, timeless and easy to take care of
  14. I'd go for the black one first since you will have it forever. Then get the white second.
  15. If you want to make an impression, certainly get the white. It stands out so much more than the black (everyone has black). Although if you're getting both eventually, it won't really matter. :okay: