Black or white caviar classic flap??


Black or White classic flap?

  1. Black

  2. White

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  1. Hi girls,

    Help me decide on my next Chanel - I've narrowed it down to either the black or white classic flap in caviar, size large. This will be primarily a "going out" bag, I don't have any white bags in my entire collection (have been too afraid to get them dirty). I have a few black going out bags but no Chanel. What do you think my next should be?? Thanks! ;)
  2. Originally I was going to say black, but since you have a few black bags already, go for white!
  3. I prefer black bags. I have a white chanel from many years ago and the color doesn't look like the same.
  4. Black!
  5. I would go for the black.
  6. I say black as well. It's more care-free.
  7. I also voted for the's good in any season, and goes with anything :yes:
  8. Thanks for all your input girls...please keep the votes coming! :flowers:
  9. i prefer black
  10. For the amount of money you spend on this bag, black is definitely the one that will look good and stay new-looking for a long, long time.
  11. For going out, definitely black. Although white would be fun, I would be stressin about if it was getting dirty if I was taking out on the town!
  12. black, black, black!!! you can never have too many black bags! haha. also, a black classic flap is timeless, you'll never regret getting one.
  13. black, don't have to worry about cleaning it!! plus its timeless
  14. Thanks for all your good advice! Looks like black it is! :yahoo:
  15. Here is another vote for black!