Black or White Baby Cabas

  1. Hi Ladies I need your opinion very quickly my Sa is calling me back any minute which should I get black or white baby cabas?:confused1: I already have the black cavier and pony tote so I'm thinking white for spring/summer. What do you all think?
  2. Get the black..Its my fave one!
  3. white
  4. I would go for the black. I personally think the white would be hard to maintain and keep clean.
  5. i prefer black, because the white is not really white, more greyish.
  6. black, white gets dirty too easily. white should be reserved for those bags you won't use often, IMO.
  7. black!!
  8. Black!!!
  9. white!!! it really stands out when you wear a black dress. perfect for any season!!
  10. both are beautiful!! but i would go with white!
  11. personally i get the black.
    i hate to worried too much on an expensive white designer bags
  12. black! definitely easier to maintain!
  13. I have a white one and love it! Normally, am not into black leather bag so I vote for white!
  14. Ooo white for sure! I've seen more blacks than whites, sometimes its nice to have a color most people don't
  15. I love this bag, I would get one in every color but black is essential.