Black or Whiskey Slim Flap and Wallet?

  1. I have the opportunity for Jax is now restocket with the 10327 Black Flap Ali type and wallet. This is not for me but for my sister's big birthday. She loves black and elegant bags. I liked the whiskey myself..Who bought the black ali with wallet and loves it. I checked and the whiskey had no wallet to match any longer. I wonder if that is the bag she would love or the black leather Carly. Any opinions? She loves fine lines and classic style. Thanks!!!!;)
  2. WHISKEY....WHISKEY....WHISKEY!!!!!! I'm doing the WHISKEY WAVE... :dothewave:
  3. I would say if she loves the classic styles to go with the ali. Just my opinion, and I'm not saying I don't like it, but I think that the black leather carly looks like a biker bag. I have the whiskey ali and its beautiful but is sounds like your sister likes black, so I would say the black ali.
  4. I have the gold and khaki signature Carly, and the Chocolate and they are both beautiful bags. My sister dresses very clean lines and classic. She likes the leather look. She usually buys bags like those solid quilted unmentionable Chanels. I do not see what the big deal is with expensive and why???? She does not have the C's on hers just the plain with the chain. Thanks!!!!
  5. rainbow i suggest a pebbled leather for your sister it is very firm and sleek. How about a hamptons satchel? or a black patent leather ergo
  6. Pretend your shopping for yourself and ask her for advice? That way you can see what bags catch her eye ;)
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I told my sister what I was thinking...and she suggested we wait until she goes with me for has such definite taste. That sounds good to me. Thanks all!!!