Black or Whiskey Legacy Ali Which do you prefer?


Black or Whiskey Ali?

  1. Black Ali and Wallet

  2. Whiskey Ali no wallet available

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  1. Jax has gotten a new shipment of Black 10327 slim flap black shoulder bags and black wallets lined with pink. They also have the whiskey, no wallets available at this time. Sold out. Which do you all prefer? I would appreciate your thoughts. I have always loved both. Need opinions. I want to give my little sister a great present for her birthday. :tup:
  2. WHISKEY!!!!!! HERE IS MY WHISKEY WAVE DANCE AGAIN... :dothewave::dothewave:
  3. whiskey! it is such a gorgeous color!!

    LOVE that whiskey wave dance! lmao
  4. :heart::heart::heart:WHISKEY
  5. I have that beautiful chocolate Carly too. Mine is the medium. It looks beautiful on you with that turquoise top too!!. I have the khacki and gold Carly also, I wanted the black leather too, but ,oink... was thinking..just thinking about the black leather Legacy for myself too for the very last day of PCE. Heavy for me but sister loves black. I liked the whiskey, gave it back and now miss it alot Have tons of brown My sister likes black everything... :tup:
  6. We like the slimmer one. We are OLD and frail.....LOL:p
  7. I'm about to post my new goodies, and you'll be able to tell WHISKEY is my favorite. That said, Ali in black came today and she feels scrumptious...smooth and pliable...yummmmmmmmm! I can see either color going with just about everything. Black would tempt me for the matching wallet...but that's just me!
  8. I really liked the Whisky....but I don't know that I liked the Vinatage look with the scratches......well they aren't really scratches but you all know what I mean.

    I just got the Black and I love her! Love love her!!!! I'm still tempted to find another Whisky too though.

    I don't think I helped at all.
  9. I love and have both.

    But I'm a black bag girl, end of story. It's always classic and in style. I'm a little afraid that in a couple of years Whiskey will scream "2007" since it's everywhere, honestly.
  10. I've been fondling my black one all afternoon!!!!!!!!! It's crazy, I'm crazy, I know. It feels soooo pliable, just like the brown. White & whiskey have their own merits, but seem a wee stiffer (although still very nice).

    I change my vote to black!
  11. Whiskey (on my invisible list) already have black!