Black or violet courier??? Help!


Black courier or violet courier????

  1. BLACK courier

  2. VIOLET courier

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  1. OK~ I need your help!!!:heart:

    Since I don't want to give up any of my current bags to fund new purchases I have to be reasonable and buy 1 courier and not 2!!!! I have an emerald courier that I love but want to add one more!!!

    Should I get black or violet? I have a violet on hold when it comes in and I can get black with no problems~ they always have black each season.

    I am pretty set on violet but wanted to hear opinions.

    Here's my current collection.

    Which should I buy?

  2. Well, I think first you need to toss that awful red day bag to the curb (where do you live again)? :graucho: Then, you should get the Violet because that is what you have wanted all along and like you said, you can ALWAYS find black!! :jammin: I vote for Violet!!
  3. That is one heck of a stunning collection btw!! :wtf: Well, except for the red one!!! LOL!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. Are those weekenders? I really want one, that caramel one (i think its caramel) is TDF! I say get the violet, if you dont like it sell it and get a black
  5. purseoooh~ LOL!!!!!:lol: I am definitely not tossing my red bag to the curb!!! (Oh~ I am constantly on the move so you won't be able to find me!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I know~ I have had my heart set on violet from the beggining of time! Just wanted opinions!!! Thanks!!!:heart:
  6. violet - get it while the gettins good!
  7. The black is a weekender and the caramel is the work.

    That's what I'm thinking~ I have the violet on hold and when it comes in and I don't like it for some strange reason I can then seek out a black courier. Thanks!
  8. Since your heart is set on the Violet, give it a try and if you don't like it, then you can always exchange it for Black one.:yes: Your collection is amazing girlie.:nuts::heart:
  9. you silly girl - V I O L E T
    of course!!!

    you can always get a black and violet is going to look amazing in a courier!! :tup:
  10. Thanks nic~ I was waiting to see if someone was going to say the courier would look tacky in violet~ but I feel better about getting violet now!!! True~ you can get black anytime!!! Thanks!!!:heart:
  11. Thanks nanazie!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  12. I can't wait to see the Violet Courier in your marvelous collection!!!

    It will be a perfect compliment :yes:
  13. I'm biased because I have the Courier in black and absolutely love it. In black it looks hip, edgy, a touch menacing like something out of Easy Rider. But I agree with all the others--get violet and you can always switch to black. I think the Courier works best in deep medium to dark colors because big bags get banged up against other stuff when worn because,well, they're big. A darker color doesn't show marks as much. Emerald's a deep color and it looks like violet will be also.
  14. I think Violet would be a great addition!:yes: FABULOUS collection by the way, Zacorey!!:love::drool::heart:
  15. I agree with everyone else.......get the violet! :love: There's not going to be too many available to begin with, so stay on the waitlist for it. You'll know when you see it whether you're able to pull it off or not. You can always get the black later with no problem. And of course you know, I love all your bags!

    And Purse-ooooh, you're a crack up!