Black or Turquoise Cabas Chyc

  1. Ladies
    I need help
    Should I pick large Black Cabas,+celebrity&um=1&hl=en&biw=1280&bih=800&tbm=isch&tbnid=ll9ENsfjfPRofM:&imgrefurl=,r:22,s:63,i:340

    Or Turquoise

    if you have the Turquoise or seem it IRL...pls give me ur thoughts and commends..
    if you pick the black one...pls also let me know why
    as i am in the situation of debating now..
    love the blue but worry it will be outo f trend or i will get tired of it easily...
    love the black but worry that the bag will be boring and flat...

  2. I dont know why the pic arent showing...
    The black is Kilye Minogue
    The Turquoise is carried by Miranda Kerr
  3. i will choose black since it is more classic. turquoise seems a little bright color to me. to me, i prefer navy.
  4. Thanks for ur input.
    I have been struggling :sad:
    I have my bal bag in dark navy blue. Since its a big investment, I try to keep my bags in different color.
    To give u an idea, I have following bags on hand

    Yellow Miu Miu bow bag-large
    Bright red ps1 medium
    Burgundy ps small keep all
    Dark navy blue bal city
    Metallic distorted grey dior cannage bag
    Pearl pink Chloe paraty medium
    Oak tod's large shoulder bag ( dont know the name of the bag. It's a large shoulder bag with large opening at top opening n narrower bottom)

    As u can tell, I don't own any black bag. I have been wanting a Alexa in black or bv Veneta. Now I am considering ysl too but cannot make up my mind on then turquoise or black.
  5. If you dont have any black bag, Buy BLACK!!!
    black is essential color. Personally, i like mulberry. but, i dont like Alexa. i have two bayswater and it is very pretty. but i found alexa is somewhat hard to use.

    for me, i usually buy Chanel black bags and color bags for other brands.
    Since you dont have any, buy black one.
  6. Black bags are mostly timeless, great for long term use :smile:
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    Did you decide? Black is versatile...but older, sophisticated and (dare I say) stuffy?? Did I SAY THAT? Turquoise is fun and now and bright, cute, daring. I'd go turquoise every time...but I do sometimes regret not having many black bags. :smile:
  8. Thanks bk0714!
    When u mentioned Alexa is hard to use, is that because of the flap turn nob?
  9. That's what I think too n that's why I m struggling now. I don't want to buy the blue n regretted in 2 months

  10. Dear
    On one hand I agreed with uromastyx, on the other hand, I agreed with U!!!!! That is the reason why I don't have any black bags. I always think other alternative color can substitute the black, ie, burgundy/dark blue/oat

    Turquoise catches my eyes all the time compare with black. Yet, as I mentioned, I m kinda worry I might get tired of it easily.

    I still haven't decided yet n I m struggling :sad:. It may sound stupid, but I lost my sleep when I face this kind of issue :p. that is why I m posting on the forum n wish to hear advises from the lovely tpfers.
  11. I hope this helps....I have not lost one night's sleep with the large black Cabas that is sitting right now on my dresser. I get tons of compliments, and it is so versatile! I don't have to think if it matches anything. Always perfect! And, it does not look like a 'matronly' bag. Very stylist but important. The leather has even developed a lovely sheen to it that really is striking. So soft but it!! Good luck in your decision!
  12. Thanks for your input. Do you think the bag is durable enough that can handle been fully stuffed and tuck under the seat on the airplant? Ideally I was going to use my PS Keepall as work bag/travel bag but found out that just under daily use (b/w work and home), the leather is too delicate to handle business trips. The cornor of my keepall can see sign of wear clearly (which i don't like) and I am worry the leather is going to torn one day by the way I use it. (FYI, I only own the bag for a little over 2 months).

  13. You are very welcome. My Cabas' leather is very soft and pliable (not structured when empty)....and can 'mush' down depending on how much you put into it. Could mine fit underneath an airplane seat? Yes. IMO...the bag is leather...not made of nylon...and could so damage depending on hard sharp objects that came in contact with it. I would not hesitate to use it for travel; but I would get an inexpensive nylon tote to 'encase' it in to stick under the seat (just to be safe). Afterall...I would hate to ruin a few thousand dollar handbag for a plane ride.

    I had stated earlier that I felt it was durable. I load mine up with my own personal belongings. Plus...When, I use it for work, I just add in what I need for my sales presentations. This one bag for me...the Cabas...has eliminated the need to carry a handbag plus a briefcase. It fits it all...and my items from work have some weight! And...still looks fabulous as a gorgeous handbag!
  14. Thank u soo soo much for ur input once again. This is totally what I m looking for. I am a sales too n on the road quite a lot with decent amount of work materials. When i m not visiting customers, my bag will only have essential items, keys, wallet, n phone. I dont like to carry a Lot of things n heavy bag.
    I placed the order already for the turquoise as I wanted it in the first place. I have been struggled as i feel black is more 'appropriate" for work purpose but i love the blue so much that i cannot let go. I will get the bag next week n do some match up to c how things turn out.
    Of course, I will do a detail reveal on the forum for sure. At that time, I'll have some mod shot n ask for ur opinion :smile:
  15. Congratulations on your purchase! I have seen the turquoise, and it is quite stunning. Glad you bought the color that 'spoke' to you. Think of it this way too...your bag will attract attention that could bring you even more sales by being a conversation starter! You will enjoy it!