Black or Tan Paddington

  1. I'm torn, who has what colour and which would you say is better?

    I have a few tan colour bags so maybe thinking black but does this look as good. Would ideally like the chocolate but can't seem to find one!

    Advice appreciated.
  2. Have you seen Muscade aka Nutmeg? Its absolutely beautiful!!!!! I just bought two paddy's from Net a Porter, one in the Muscade and the other in black. I like them both, however the leather is pretty stiff, but the leather is sooooo pebbbly, which I like. I also bought a tan paddy that I LOVE (the color and slouchyness), but it was used and not in great condition. Its a hard descision, I know. I guess the real question would be, what color would match the best with your wardrobe?

  3. I prefer tan, and Muscade is STUNNING.
  4. I don't have tan but I have Muscade and Black and both are equally gorgeous to me :drool:

    If I could only have one though then it would be my Muscade - but only just :heart:
  5. You already made your choice for nutmeg. Good choice :yes:
  6. I prefer tan. =)
  7. I think tan is one of the best Chloe colors ever (alas I can't wear it with my skin tone)!!!

    But black is classic and will go with everything. Trouble with black is that it can over-blend and disappear into your outfit.

    Chloes are super-fun when they POP against your wardrobe (IMHO).